• District Secretary

    B.Satheesh Chandran  ,District Secretary

    B.Satheesh Chandran

  • Office Secretary

    K.N.Sait , Office Secretary

    Sait Sir

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2. Aadhaar Form for Students

3. Report of Transfer of Charge ( RTC )

4. Annual Closing Balance Certificate of Treasury PD Account (ACBC Form)

5. Police Report Format at the time of new appointment

6. Spark Form 1 at the time of joining

7. Spark Form No.3 – DDO Change.

8. Medical certificate regarding Physical Fitness at the time of Fresh Appointment

9.Expenditure Statement Form

10. Grade statement form

11. Grade option form

12. Application form for Casual Leave

13. Application for Leave – Form 13

14. Form of Medical_Certificate – Along with LWA 

15. Application to merge KASEPF to GPF

16. Form for Declaration of Probation -HSS


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  1. Most useful and helpful,thank you.

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