• District Secretary

    B.Satheesh Chandran  ,District Secretary

    B.Satheesh Chandran

  • Office Secretary

    K.N.Sait , Office Secretary

    Sait Sir

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Nurturing  Mathematical Talents in Schools NuMATS – for more details see the Govt. Order menu
Onam Examinations on August 21 & 24 – postponed to September 10 & 11-    See the Govt. Order Menu
Modified Govt. Order of Leave Benefits to Part Time Teachers- See the Govt. Order Menu

Govt. published an Order  to fill the resultant vacancies  due to the exemption of Head teachers (HMs) of Primary Schools from class charges on daily wage basis duringthe academic year 2012-13 – See the Govt. Order Menu

Salary of August 2012     –        Govt. Orderd to disburse the salarly  from 16.08.2012   in connection with Ramzan and Onam.  Click here for Govt. Order

State Life Insurance ( SLI ) Department introduced new application and nomination forms.  Details and forms available in Govt. Orders menu

Kerala Govt. implement a new Pension scheme( Contributery Pension Scheme) with effect from 01.04.2013. For Order see the Govt. Order menu


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